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Get Set — Go! 2: Pupil's Book
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Get Set — Go! 2: Pupil's Book

Get Set — Go! is a lively language course for children learning English for the first time. • Get Set — Go! has a carefully graded syllabus which provides steady progression in all four skills. The lower levels emphasize speaking and listening but also lay a foundation for the more demanding comprehension and story-writing skills in later levels. • Get Set — Go! is based around a variety of texts and activities, including entertaining stories, songs and games, which are all carefully matched to the interests of children. • Get Set — Go! Workbooks reinforce the language learnt in the Pupil's Books and include special revision sections. • Get Set — Go! Teacher's Books provide teachers with clear guidance and lots of extra ideas. They also include tests which record children's progress. • Get Set — Go! is easy to use and fun to use! Each level consists of: — Pupil's Book. — Workbook. — Teacher's Book. — Cassette. There are also flashcards at the first level.
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